Minor projects

1. Digital Thermometer
2. Infrared Remote controlled for home appliances switch
3. Digital Combination Lock
4. Security System Using laser Rays
5. Digital Clock
6. FM Transmitter
7. Advanced FM Transmitter
8. FM Receiver
9. Multi Siron (Police siron, ambulance siron,Fire Brigade siron, Machine gun )
10. Automatic Water level controller
11. Automatic Water level controller with spoken Message (pani ki tankibhar gayi hai, kripaya motor band karen, attention please your water tank is full please shut off the motor)
12. Automatic advanced water level controller
13. Fire alarm
14. Automatic traffic light controller
15. 25 Tune ( Hindi song tunes )Musical bell
16. Gayatri Mantra Continious mantra chanting machine
17. Maha-mrityunjay mantra Continuous mantra chanting machine
18. Namokar mantra Continious mantra chanting machine
19. Shiram jairam jai jai ram Continuous mantra chanting machine
20. Sun-Down switch( Advanced Street light controller)
21. Visitor counter
22. Pollution controlling Tower ( It filters the solid particles from smoke)
23. Effect of current through a magnetic coil
24. Generation of electricity by moving magnetic field
25. Clap switch
26. Two digit industrial object counter
27. Three digit industrial object counter
28. Advanced Ni-Cad Battery Charger
29. Mobile charger using IC 555
30. Earth quack sensor
31. Business shops shutter guard
32. Robotic Car (Controlled By Wired Remote Control)
33. Robotic Car (Controlled by Radio Frequency Remote control)
34. Model Of Voting Machine
35. Copper Electro Plating
36. Wind Mill (Electricity generation by wind)
37. Mobile shield
38. Intelligent automatic Three phase shifter system
39. Fastest Finger Quiz Master
40. Disco Light (Running Lights)
41. Magic tester (Can Detect electricity from distance and is very useful in finding faults)
42. Fused Tube Glower (this circuit is used to glow even Fused tub light)
43. Laser light fence ( A Security system to cover your whole house)
44. Parrot sound Electric Doorbell
45. Over Voltage Electricity Tripping switch
46. Power saving Electronic Choke For Tube-Lights
47. Solid State Lamp (Bulb) dimmer
48. Water level indicator (Shows the level of water in overhead water tank)
49. Variable Regulated Power Supply (0-32Volts)
50. Automatic Night Lamp
51. Extra ordinary staircase light switch
52. Automatic railway gate controller
53. Ultrasonic mosquito repellent
54. Letter box indicator
55. Multi purpose mix amplifier
56. Visual telephone locator (Electric bulb will glow on ringing the telephone bell)
57. Quiz Timer
58. Intercom
59. Dancing bulb on music (the intensity of light changes with the sound)
60. Listening bug
61. Infra red shadow detector
62. Temperature controller
63. Zener diode tester
64. Head phone amplifier
65. Magic Organ (light operated music generation)
66. Telephone tapping detector (If anyone lifts the phone in parallel connected phone)
67. Toy Telephone
68. Rain alarm
69. Electronic magic door lock using password
70. Lie detector
71. Mosquito repellent machine
72. Telephone Call detector
73. Fuse tube light glower without any choke
74. Morning alarm
75. Magic telephone lock
76. 3 in 1 circuit (light blinker, rain alarm, water tank alarm, light detector)
77. Low price hearing aid
78. Rat repellent machine
79. Automatic Phase Changer
80. Flying Saucer
81. Anti-Collision Rear Light
82. Light Fence
83. MAT Switch
84. 5-Bands Graphic Equalizer
85. Clock Timer
86. Fully Automatic Emergency Light
87. IR Music Transmitter and Receiver
88. Electronic Horn
89. Ultrasonic Proximity Detector
90. Secret Bell
91. Variable Power Supply Using a Fixed-Voltage Regulator IC
92. Appliance Timer-Cum-Clap Switch
93. Telephone-Operated Calling System
94. Front Door Guard
95. Bell-Cum Light Controller
96. Friendly Charger for Mobile Phones
97. Hearing Aid
98. Speed Control of DC Motor Using Pulse-Width Modulation
99. Remote-Controlled Fan Regulator
100. Low-Power Voltage Doublers
101. Parrot-Sounding AC Doorbell
102. Multi-Melody Generator with Instrumental Effect
103. School/College Quiz Buzzer
104. Visual AC Mains Voltage Indicator
105. Simple Short-Wave Transmitter
106. Solar Lighting System
107. Infrared Bug
108. Picnic Lamp
109. Versatile Power Supply
110. Ultrasonic Proximity Detector
111. Shadow Alarm
112. IR Burglar Deterrents
113. Versatile Water-Level Controller
114. Automatic-Off Timer for CD Players
115. Heat-Sensitive Switch
116. Sensitive Vibration Detector
117. Digital Dice
118. Remote-Controlled Power-Off Switch
119. Little Door Guard
120. Stress Meter
121. Teleconferencing System
122. Medium-Power FM Transmitter
123. Smart Cell phone Holder
124. Fuel Reserve Indicator for Vehicles
125. Brake Failure Indicator